SBI Shaurya Credit Card offers and benefits

SBI Shaurya Credit Card offers and benefits

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SBI Shaurya Credit Card 

Shaurya Credit Card is a very popular card for Defense persons, This card issue only for PARAMILITARY, ARMY, AIRFORCE, NAVY persons, and this credit card come with embossed your service name. This card’s annual fee is 250+gst  and you spend 50000 in 1 year with this card so you will get reverse the annual fee next year the most defense persons use this SBI Shaurya Credit Card because this is the most popular SBI credit card for defense persons.

SBI Shaurya Credit Card Welcome offers

 If you apply for this SBI Shaurya Credit Card, so you will get a 1000 bonus reward point value of 250 rupees. This 1000 reward point you will get on payment of joining fees on joining, All SBI Shaurya Credit cardholders will get this 1000 reward point. Cardholders get this point within 30 days from payment of joining fee 250+gst. so this is good for the new customers.

SBI Shaurya Credit Card benefits

This SBI Shaurya Credit Card comes with a complimentary Rs. 2 Lakh Personal Accidental Insurance Cover (offered by RuPay)

SBI Shaurya Credit Card Reward points

You get 5x reward point 100 rupees spend on CSD, grocery, dining, departmental store, the movie spends, all other transaction you get 1 reward point on 100 spend 

4 reward point value 1 rupee 

And after getting rewards point you need 2000 reward to convert into a cash SBI Shaurya Credit Card provide you this offer to convert your reward points in cash.

If you want to convert your reward point into cash so you need to send an Email or call Sbi card customer care

If you want a voucher so this card provides you this option also but some listed brands.

In SBI Shaurya Credit Card if you want to convert your reward point into a voucher, to convert your reward point voucher you need to log in to the SBI card application go reward point section to convert your point in voucher you get another way to Email call customer care.

SBI Shaurya Credit Card Fuel surcharge

If you do the transaction on fuel worth 500 to 3000 rupees so you get a 1 % fuel surcharge waiver

SBI Shaurya Credit Card Annual Fees

Sbi Shaurya card annual fees are 250+gst if you spend 50000 rupees the previous year so you will get back your annual fees next statement. 

SBI Shaurya Credit Card finance charges 

If you pay your mad (minimum amount due) so less than your TAD (total amount due) or if you did not pay any amount so you charge finance charges on this card finance charges 2.5% plus GST per month and these charges applicable on your outstanding

SBI Shaurya Credit Card late fee charges

If you paid your MAD(minimum amount due) so you will not charge any late fees charges, but you not paid your MAD so you will charge late fee charges on this Shaurya card, if you paid MAD so you charge only finance charges. 

Late fee charges on the amount 

Its depend on TAD (total amount due) 

500 to 1000             =             400+ gst

1000 to 10000         =             750 + gst

10000 to 25000       =             950 + gst

25000 to 50000       =             1100 + gst

50000 or greater than 50000 you will charge 1300 + gst

Shaurya Credit Card over-limit fees

SBI Shaurya Credit Card over-limit fees 600 + GST or 2.5% + GST whichever is higher if you over-limit this card so you will charge these fees

SBI Shaurya Credit Card ATM fees

If you withdraw cash from ATM with this Shaurya Card so you will charge 500 + GST this charge still applicable all ATM transaction

SBI Shaurya Credit Card offers

This Shaurya card provides you many offers like Encash loan and balance transfer, Flexipay EMI, easy money draught and many marketing offers, if you want any loan or EMI in this Shaurya Card so you need to use SBI card application or other options call customer care

How To Apply for SBI Shaurya Credit Card 

if you want to apply for this card go to and apply for this card other option you applied for this card by the Sbi Card sales agent. Sbi Card has two types of Shaurya card with different annual fees or benefits second card is Sbi Shaurya Select Card

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